EMPATHY-February 2018 Students Announced
EMPATHY-February 2018 Students Announced
Ryan Scott
Monday, March 05, 2018

EMPATHY: “Seek to Understand”

By Ryan Scott

Main Street School & Kindergarten Center Focused on EMPATHY for February as our character Trait of the Month. Mr. Alan Fedrigon addressed the students with an emotionally charged message that really impacted the students and staff. I am glad that we chose this trait because the kids did “get it.” They have all felt this before but know they know what it is and that it is a good thing. I am very proud to announce the February EMPATHY Student of the Month.

Main Street School:

pictured (left to right): Taya Wiley, Ollie Reid, Stella Beavers, Anna Skinner, Alyson Kazmer, Elle Walker, Zaria Hankins, Dharma Patel, Lanee Hunter, Brady Clark, Bria Townsend, Abbie Logue, Jackson Schorey, Ryan Scott (principal)

Kindergarten Center:

pictured (left to right): Jozzlynn Heselton, Avery Snow, Karleigh Riley, Ellie Brown