EMPATHY: “Seek to Understand”
EMPATHY: “Seek to Understand”
Ryan Scott
Friday, March 01, 2019

EMPATHY: “Seek to Understand”

By Ryan Scott

Main Street School & Kindergarten Center Focused on EMPATHY for February as our character Trait of the Month. I am glad that we chose this trait because the kids did “get it.” They have all felt this before but now they know what it is and that it is a good thing. I am very proud to announce the February 2019 EMPATHY Student of the Month. Thank you, Steve Cekander w/ “The VILLE” in Shelbyville for sponsoring February 2019 Focus on EMPATHY.

Main Street School:

pictured (left to right): Steve Cekander (The VILLE), 1st grade: Ollie Reid, Eli Wells, Ziola Stiles, Gracelyn Stephens, Karen Gao, 2nd grade: Adalyn Pearcy, Tessa Tomblin, Ella Perry, Layton Murphy, 3rd grade: Maddi Sullivan, Noah Heselton, Ezra McConnell, Connor Riley, Ryan Scott (Principal)

Kindergarten Center:

pictured (left to right): Sam Miller, Sylvia Cothern, Maycee Howell, Mallory Bray, Ellie Wallis