5 Success Skills for Life

Last year, Moulton Middle School staff and students learned about "The Formative Five," a book written by retired principal Thomas R. Hoerr.  The five ideas covered in the book were labeled "success skills for life."  These five skills were empathy, grit, self-control, integrity, and embracing diversity.  

This year, staff and students will be working together to again cover the five success skills and further our understanding of how these skills impact our lives. To start this year, Moulton Middle School will focus on empathy, which is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  

Teachers and students will discuss and develop their own definitions and understandings of empathy from August 21st through September 22nd (5 weeks). We encourage you to talk with your student and point out examples of empathy when you witness them in real life. 

By working together to help these future leaders understand the importance of these skills, we can truly have a positive impact on our community and society!