IAR w/ 3rd Grade

MAIN STREET 3rd Grade Students will take a state test representing themselves & our schools the week of April 19th (4/19-4/23).

The test is the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) & it will be an online computer test. Our students are prepared by some of the finest teachers in the area & exposed to all content. We just need our students to come with a positive attitude & show some GRIT.

Parents, attendance is extra important this week. We will administer (1) test daily in the morning while students are most "fresh." Students should be well rested & eat breakfast (we will still provide breakfast daily @ school in the classroom). Please consider discussing this at home w/ your child & focus on just doing their best & coping strategies for stress such as deep breathes & positive self-talk ("I got this").

The 3rd Grade Teacher TEAM did put together a plan of special days & they will communicate these via a document sent home & ClassDOJO.

If parents want to see sample test items to understand the assessment or provide some extra practice at home, the IAR digital item library is a great resource & can be accessed @ this website address - https://il.digitalitemlibrary....