This morning, we discovered a minor issue involving a gas pilot light within the kitchen of Shelbyville High School.  The Shelbyville Fire Department issued an all clear.  We called Ameren Electric to double check the readings as an extra precaution.  

Ameren has made the recommendation to clear the building.  Kindergarten students are being housed at the Baptist Church.  At this point in time, we plan to keep all kindergarten students in school for the entire school day.  Currently their learning is taking place in the Baptist Church and within Moulton Middle School.  Should we receive confirmation from Ameren ensuring the safety of the learning environment, students will return to the school building. 

High school students will continue their learning in a remote environment.  All high school students will operate within google classroom, and should stay in touch with their teachers throughout the school day.     

Students at Moulton Middle School are proceeding with a normal school day absent of any safety concerns. 

Once more, this is a safety precaution.  We will update.   

Kyle Ladd | SHS Principal