The following notification includes very important information for our student population utilizing the edgenuity platform.  

Grading Clarification 

Learners will see three separate grades within the Edgenuity platform.  This notification is designed to clarify the differences.   


The overall grade represents a student’s performance only on the assignments they have submitted within the platform.  It does not necessarily dictate what their final grade will be at the end of the semester.  For example, a student may have an overall grade of 100% in a course, but if they have only submitted one assignment, that will obviously not be their final grade for the course.  


The actual grade represents a complex algorithm that combines time-on-task, work completion, and student performance.  This grade can be an interesting snapshot of student progress, but it will not necessarily be the indicator assessed when determining final grades.  


Ignore this.  It will not be used. 

All parents will be receiving automatic updates once per week from Edgenuity regarding their child's progress and scores. Last semester, those messages came either on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

Additionally, we have the option to set up a Parent Portal.  This offers parents the opportunity to go into the Edgenuity platform and take a closer look at the breakdown of their child's grades, progress, and time spent online. If you are interested in having a portal, please email ( or call Mr. Caldwell (217-774-3926).  He will provide you with the login information.

Listed below are the key elements that will take effect immediately.  Of note, all academic notoriety is determined by semester grades at the high school level.  That includes honor roll, rank in class, and transcript grades.     

  • Students using Edgenuity will need to complete 100% of each course enrolled during the 2nd semester.  To reference student progress in this regard, please always review the progress indicator listed as % Count.  For grading purposes, we will use the OVERALL grade for students who have completed 100% of the course enrolled.  

  • For students who do not complete 100% of any particular course, we will use the ACTUAL grade, which takes into account incomplete work and time on task.

  • Our Edgenuity team will be sending out automated reports to all parents every week using the digital communication platform.  Additionally, our liaisons will check in with all students every week to offer support and guidance. 

  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly google meeting with Mr. Ladd (SHS, principal), wherein the group can ask questions, interact with other remote learners, and discuss school happenings.  This weekly google meeting will be scheduled in advance, and an invitation to attend will be delivered to each student's gmail account.  Please use your school appointed chromebook or a computer that has a webcam enabled. 

  • Students who are learning within the Edgenuity platform are welcome to participate in any and all extracurricular activities occurring outside of the school day (8:00am-2:00pm).  

  • Free tutoring and support services are available every week (Tuesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm at Shelbyville High School) 

We thank you all for your continued understanding and support.  In past communication, we have recommended 5 hours of learning every day.  This metric is used purely for attendance purposes, and is in adherence with the directives issued by the Illinois State Board of Education.  

To that point, the Edgenuity system may recommend that students invest more or less time based upon a student's individualized progress.  Because we cannot control the diverse variables that might exist within the remote learning environment, we will continue to trust the families and students involved. A minimum of 5 hours a day will continue to be encouraged and advised by Shelbyville High School.   

A few other notes (from a data management perspective): 

  • We remain in continual review of the associated curriculum.  After a comprehensive analysis of the rigor and content, we do not fear any sort of academic delays resulting from the remote learning experience.  But, keep in mind, that trying to compare remote learning vs. in-person learning is an unrealistic endeavor.  They offer two totally separate styles of instruction. 

  • A student that is logged into Edgenuity is not necessarily always actively engaged. Distractions at home may cause the logged (seat hours) hours to not be an accurate depiction of how engaged a student is with their Edgenuity courses.  What is often outside of our control is student productivity.  Some remote learning students struggle because they take days off, which causes them to get behind on coursework.  Others often work less than the 5 hour expectation.  And most, have had to limit the temptations associated with distractions outside of our managerial control (social media, chat websites, youtube videos, netflix, deer hunting, etc).  Bear in mind that in-person learners are within the school environment for a total of 6 hours every day, and they are often working on homework, completing projects, or studying for tests throughout the evening hours.     

  • Edgenuity courses have an Estimated Completion Time for each Assignment/Activity.  Students that were successful in achieving the target completion last semester regularly completed the assignments/activities within the estimated time or in less time than estimated.  Developing a daily routine and having a space in your home reserved specifically for digital learning can be extremely beneficial to student success.  

  • The students that achieved the target completion rate last semester in all seven (7) of their Edgenuity courses spent an average of 4.83 hours per school day logged into Edgenuity. This supports a minimum of 5 hours of Edgenuity per day for the average student to be a realistic expectation to complete all seven courses.  The data supports that the vast majority of students that log into Edgenuity every school day and are actively engaged will complete their courses and be successful.

  • All things in edgenuity are counted as assignments (warm-ups, summaries, videos (of any duration), instruction, assignments, quizzes, projects, etc).  Near the completion of each course, you will notice that your child has completed a great amount of assignments.  Applying a similar philosophy to in-person learning yields comparable results when taking into account the sophistication of the typical lesson plan.  Edgenuity offers an approach to student engagement that is closely aligned to evidence based strategies in digital learning.  

  • Of the students on pace to complete all seven (7) Edgenuity courses, 68% of them received grades that placed them on the Honor Roll. Of the remaining 32%, many of them were not previously on the Honor Roll.

Seniors will need to complete all of their courses and earn the associated credits prior to June 5, 2021 (Graduation Ceremony).  If they do not finish courses needed for graduation before this established date, they will not be permitted to walk at the ceremony. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out in correspondence.