Local Community Businesses Sponsor Character

Character Development: “It’s a Community Investment”

Local Businesses Sponsor Character Trait FOCUS

By Ryan Scott, Main Street Elementary School & Kindergarten Center Principal

Main Street & Kindergarten Center is equally dedicated to the development of our students Socially & Emotionally to Academically. The goal is that no student is more prepared for College or Career or LIFE than our students. Much of this development is not inherited; it is learned. We must model & strategically reinforce w/ positive, timely (on demand) & specific feedback. There are personal & collective benefits to this development & the ideal system involves students that see Value & Progress.

Each month, a Community-Leader “kicks-off” the Character Trait FOCUS. The TEAM hyper-focuses on that trait as well as purposefully embeds literature w/ an associated Theme. At the end of the month, teachers w/ peer input identify a student that most embodies that character trait or has had noticeable personal “growth” w/ that trait.

(10) of our very own Shelbyville restaurants have committed to sponsoring one character trait each.

Each month, the associated local restaurant donated vouchers for each identified character trait student. We have (18) classes so we recognize (18) students per month. Students will be receiving anything from FREE “Individual Pleasers” to FREE Buffets.

This reward is about showing our students that we value their character development. The hope is that students redeem their vouchers w/ their families & feel PRIDE in the experience.

Main Street & Kindergarten Local Business Character FOCUS Sponsors 2018-2019:

August – “SELF-CONTROL” – Druby’s (Rob & Tami Bosgraaf)

September – “KINDNESS” – Yen Ching Chinese (Jay Jin)

October – “OWNERSHIP” – ICED (Jodi Allen)

November – “GRATITUDE” – Monical’s Pizza (Mark Shanks)

December – “OPTIMISM” – The Farm House (Kyle & Laura Hudson)

January – “ENTHUSIASM” – Subway (Becky Frederick)

February – “EMPATHY” – The VILLE (Steve Cekander)

March – “GRIT” – Casey’s General Store (Shawn Rickett)

April – “CURIOSITY” – Joe’s Pizza (Pete & Laura Vitale)

May – “LEADERSHIP” – McDonald’s (Katrina Riley-GM & Adam Logsdon)

pictured (left to right): Ryan Scott-Principal, Drew Bosgraaf, Tami Bosgraaf, Rob Bosgraaf, Jay Jin, Jodi Allen, Mark Shanks, Kyle Hudson, Becky Frederick, Steve Cekander, Barb Johnson, Laura Vitale, Pete Vitale, Katrina Riley