EMPATHY: “Seek to Understand”

By Ryan Scott

Main Street School & Kindergarten Center Focused on EMPATHY for February as our character Trait of the Month. I am glad that we chose this trait because the kids did “get it.” They have all felt this before but now they know what it is and that it is a good thing. Sometimes it is a fictional character like in a book or movie, sometimes it is a real story about a stranger & sometimes it is someone very close like a friend of family member. I am very proud to announce the February 2023 EMPATHY Students of the Month. This month’s focus on Empathy is sponsored by The VILLE of Shelbyville & owner, Steve Cekander.

Main Street School:

pictured (left to right): front row: Georgia Tucker, Stella Anspach, Jace Reid

second row: Lawson Dunaway, Jensyn Prather, Aubrin Wehrle, Sarina Jennings, Lottie Daniel, Emily Key, Neveah Vonesh

back row: Ryan Scott (Principal) Mayleigh Bly, Autumn Bly, Journey Merritt, Mack Pogue, Morgan Miller, Steve Cekander (The VILLE)

Shelbyville Kindergarten Center

pictured (left to right): Landin Destulien, Lenore Sickles, Kaylor Fleshner, Wyitt Gosnell-Hedrick

not pictured: Rosha Lewis