Lake Shelbyville "SENIOR" Drive Thru Parade 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 

4:30pm - 5:30pm 

This recognition experience was started two years ago.  Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, we have decided to make this event an annual tradition.  In addition to highlighting our beautiful town, the drive thru graduation parade has proven to be an excellent way to recognize our deserving graduates.  This event is not designed as a replacement for the in-person commencement ceremony that is scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022.    

  • Scenic roadway above the Lake Shelbyville Dam 
  • 3 possible entrances available (9th Street OR Route 16)  
  • 2 lanes of continual traffic movement  
  • All parking is reserved for students and support personnel 
  • If inclement weather prevents this event from taking place on the schedule date and time, it will be rescheduled.  The accommodated time will be determined based upon projected weather conditions.  

Event Expectations 

in partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois State Board of Education, Shelbyville School District Board of Education, Shelby County Health Department, and the Shelbyville Police Department.   

  • All senior level students should wear their graduation CAP & GOWN.  
  • Students should arrive no later than 4:15pm.  Vehicles should be parked in one of the three available lots (Scenic Overlook with Beach View, Scenic Overlook with Restroom Access, Visitor Center Parking Lot).  

  • Students are encouraged to use the restroom prior to coming to the event. 

  • School support personnel will coordinate all student movement from start to finish.  Students will be placed 6-10 feet apart along the lake view walkway.  This area is protected by a guardrail.   

  • We will have a professional photographer and a professional videographer on site during the entire experience. Aerial photography (drone usage) is not permitted. 

  • Please help us ensure a safe and steady flow of traffic throughout the experience.  At no point in time should spectators/supporters park, or exit their vehicles.  Individuals within their vehicle, with obvious exception to the actual driver, are allowed to safely take photos of the graduates while driving thru the scenic overlook.  Of note, there will be several photos and videos taken during the experience that will be freely shared with the public.  

  • This student experience is accessible to persons with disabilities, and all necessary accommodations for students with special needs will be provided.