Water Challenge

Dear Parent(s),

Main Street and the Kindergarten Center are very excited to announce the addition of a Wellness Committee.  The goal of the Wellness Committee is to create a well-rounded, healthy community for everyone.  This can be achieved by educating both staff and students about overall health and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, participating in monthly challenges to reinforce those ideas, and working to build and promote a healthy team culture and atmosphere.

Each month, we will focus on a specific health category, such as nutrition or physical activity.  Along with providing educational resources and tools, we will also hold a monthly challenge for students and for staff.

For the month of September, our focus is water consumption.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the recommended daily intake of water for children is 5-8 cups (40-64oz.).  We hope to get our students and staff drinking more water.  

Our monthly challenge will start September 6th and run through the 16th.  Each hallway will make up a team and compete against the other three hallways to see who drinks the most.  Water consumption will be tracked using the new bottle filling station digital trackers.  Mr. Scott will keep us updated on progress and which team is in the lead.  At the end of the competition, Mr. Scott will announce the winning hallway and those classes will earn a water balloon fight!

Our goal is for this and all of our challenges to be a fun way to learn about and, ultimately, live a healthier lifestyle.  At the same time, we understand that families live very busy lives so we, in no way, want these challenges to become a burden at home.  Our hope is simply for you to check in with your child and encourage them along the way.

We are looking forward to September’s water challenge and the positive impact we hope it makes on our staff and students!


The Wellness Team