OWNERSHIP Students – October 2022

Shelbyville Main Street School & Kindergarten Center is completely invested in the Social & Emotional Development of our youth w/ equal value to academic. The two areas are interrelated and often the Social/Emotional hinders or serves as a catalyst to student achievement.

October has been the month we focus our conversation on OWNERSHIP. Student-Leaders “own” their behavior, attitude & effort. This means that they “own” mistakes & learn as well. This is a “Mindfulness” concept where students are self-aware and “own” their actions & attitudes. A central message is that we usually develop this by making a few mistakes. This is a “Growth Mindset.” We tell our students that there is nothing that someone else can learn that you can’t. This is important because people meet expectations, especially their own. We need students to realize that the problem is not aiming too high and missing; the problem is aiming too low & hitting. The “mindset” is that if I work hard enough w/ some strategy, I will learn. Students take ownership in their learning & of our school.

We are PROUD to announce our October 2022 OWNSERSHIP Student-Leaders. This character trait focus is sponsored by ICED & Jodi Allen.

Main Street October 2022 “OWNERSHIP” Students

Pictured (left to right): front row; (1st Grade): Harmony Dillingham, Eva Dunaway, Kade Kneller

middle row; (2nd Grade): Ellison Kistler, Davis Perry, Jaxon Walker, Keegan Donald, Remi Holt

back row; Jodi Allen (ICED); (3rd Grade): Aleigha Edwards, Jackson Gordon, Parker Radloff, Waylon Hood, Elijah Chapman, Mr. Ryan Scott-Principal

NOT pictured: (1st Grade): Myles Maxedon & Eva Sharp


Shelbyville Kindergarten October 2022 “OWNERSHIP” Students:

Pictured (left to right): Owen Donnel, Anderson Nees, Everett Bly, Joe Dillingham, Ryder Stephens